Perdue® Organic

A natural choice for your family

What's so great about PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® organic chicken?

First of all, our organic products exceed the requirements of the National Organic Standards Board by adhering to the GAP2 guidelines and being Certified USDA Organic — that's the real deal.

Which PERDUE® products

are organic?

PERDUE® Organic Products

Explore a variety of delicious organic products perfect for your family.

How are PERDUE®

organic chickens raised?

Our PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® organic chickens are raised free range on certified organic farms.
That means they have the ability to roam freely and do all of the other things chickens naturally do.

Houses with windows to provide natural sunlight

Doors that allow them to go inside or outside freely

Outdoor access to sunshades and food and water

Perches and pecking bales for play

what do the

chickens eat?

Speaking of food and water, our chickens are fed a diet of Certified USDA Organic grains with no animal by-products.
They never receive antibiotics or growth hormones.*

*Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones or steroids in poultry.

where can i buy PERDUE®

organic products?

Ready to start cooking with PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® organic? Use our handy product locator to find just what you need.

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