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3 Grown-up Ways to Cook with Chicken Nuggets

September 2018

Raise your hand if you're a parent whose dinner is usually just unfinished chicken nugget scraps off your child’s plate. Yeah, us too. These recipes are for all of us.

Chicken and Spinach Calzone

Check out this easy, handheld chicken nugget upgrade. Start with some PERDUE® Chicken Breast Nuggets, combine them with cheese and add them to a circle of refrigerated pizza dough. Delish!

Chicken Nugget Stuffed Shells

Mmmmmm, stuffed shells…is there anything better? Try adding a twist to this classic dish by stuffing the shells with PERDUE® Chicken Breast Nuggets.

Crispy Chicken Ranch Salad

Adding chicken nuggets or popcorn chicken to a salad is an easy way to create a more flavorful meal for grown-up palates. PERDUE® Breaded Popcorn Chicken combines with avocado and bacon to create this zesty Crispy Chicken Ranch Salad.