Time for a Royal Celebration
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Time for a Royal Celebration

You’ve probably heard the news. On May 19, 2018, after years of tabloid covers and coffee-table gossip, Prince Harry will be marrying American starlet Meghan Markle. And while a royal wedding calls for fancy hats and formalities across the pond, it calls for decadent treats, cold libations and good company back home. To help you make the most of this occasion, here are five regal ways to celebrate all weekend.

  1. Serve Engagement Chicken
    • Supposedly responsible for more than 50 proposals, this dish is a must for any wedding party. Some guests may recognize the meaning behind this choice, while others will be blissfully unaware. One sure thing is how good it will taste. "Make it with PERDUE® OVEN STUFFER® Whole Chicken, and you can cook it one step at a time."
  2. Give Your Guests Royal Names
    • What's a royal celebration without a dame and a duke? Use this easy formula to name your friends onto the guest list: A royal title + their grandfather’s or grandmother’s first name + the name of their first pet + the name of their hometown.
  3. Snack on Chicken Tea Sandwiches
    • When preparing your hors d'oeuvres, skip the biscuits and head straight to chicken with these charming bites. They may look ladylike, but they pack knightly flavor. Plus, when you use PERDUE® SHORT CUTS® Chicken, you can serve them in 10 minutes.
  4. Add Some Cider to Your Mimosas
    • Hard cider traces its roots back to England further than the royal family does, so it’s only right to toast these newlyweds with a glass of Kent’s finest creation. Make brunch out of the occasion with cider instead of champagne in your OJ.  
  5. Relax on Chicken Shepherd’s Pie
    • You’re going to be tired after imbibing like a queen. When Sunday rolls around, treat yourself to this classic English indulgence. You’ll be so comfortably full that when you head to sleep, you’ll have hours to dream of being queen. All you’ll need is PERDUE® Fresh Ground Chicken and this easy recipe.

Hope you enjoy! If you or anyone you know is tying the knot soon, the recipes above would still be perfect for the celebration.

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