8 Ways to Start Eating Fresher Foods
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8 Ways to Start Eating Fresher Foods

Do you like fresh ingredients? Do you love the idea of having a selection of fresh herbs and produce at your immediate disposal? Eating fresh, organic foods can be food for the soul. And starting your own herb or veggie garden can be good exercise, great for the environment and you can yield delicious results as a bonus.If you dream of eating ‘cleaner’, fresher foods, we have the perfect guide for you:

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  1. Plant an outdoor garden. Start by planting some herbs in tiny pots on a sunny windowsill. Before you know it, you'll have more fresh herbs than you know what to do with. Want to get more exercise and soak up a little more Vitamin D? Start a garden in your front or back yard. It doesn’t need to take up much space. Try these tips and tricks for starting a new garden. If you don’t have access to your own space, rent space in a community garden nearby. Remember, some may have waiting lists for plots, so check it out ASAP.
  2. Start an indoor garden. Don’t have the green space outdoors to start an herb garden? Not to worry, you can grow vegetables inside, too. Dwarf varieties (how cute) are readily available for growing in pots on porches. Check out this guide on how to start an indoor garden. Try 10-Minute Taco Salad and Greek Chicken Tacos recipes after you harvest your mini crops.
  3. Hit the farmer’s market. What better way to take advantage of nature’s bounty than to pick up the freshest of fresh produce at a local farmer’s market? You’ll love the selection, and what a fun way to get creative with fresh meals.
  4. Commit to eating clean. Eating clean is easier than you think. Try starting with small steps, such as choosing drink only organic milk or to eat only organic meats. When selecting meat or poultry, look antibiotic-free options. Eating antibiotic free chicken, turkey and beef can help combat cases of antibiotic resistance which can occur when animals ingest the same antibiotics that humans would take to fight illnesses.
  5. Eat more lean proteins. Part of eating fresh, nutritious meals may mean increasing your consumption of delicious, healthy lean proteins like chicken. Chicken can be baked, broiled, fried or roasted, and it packs a powerful punch in terms of protein. Check out this infographic with even more reasons to choose chicken.
  6. Keep simple recipes on hand. Eating fresher foods means preparing meals around what may be blooming in your herb garden or what’s available at the local farmer’s market right now. Having a collection of easy and delicious recipes like Lemon Chicken Pasta with Green Beans and Quick and Easy Chicken Piccata on hand is a great way to eat fresh every day. Expert tip: Want to make sure your chicken is cooked to perfection? Here’s a handy temperature guide:

    Knowing When It's Done

  7. Hatch some eggs. Yard eggs are delicious, and many communities now have clubs or backyard chicken raisers. You may be able to tour other families' coops before getting your own flock.
  8. Sharing is caring. Talk to friends and neighbors about sharing resources. Your over-abundance of one vegetable or herb may be the beautiful beginning of a garden for someone new to growing food. If you’re not able to start your own garden, how about hosting an “Eat Fresh” party? Gather your favorite friends for a soup swap in the winter, or a potluck featuring deliciously prepared, fresh foods.



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