Beat the Winter Blues with an Indoor Picnic
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Beat the Winter Blues with an Indoor Picnic

Maybe it's cold outside, but you can still have a picnic. It's easy and portable, and it all starts with a blanket and a basket...then the rest is up to you.

Here are some fun ideas to help get you started.

Kids' Picnic

  • Fun is the theme here, so invite some of the kids' stuffed friends to use as pillows. Teddy bears are soft and fuzzy, and they don't eat much!
  • Choose an easy and fun menu. Try Mini Apple Cheddar Chicken Meatloaves, Chicken Tender PerduZas or anything on a stick...corn dogs come to mind!
  • Package the food in plastic compartment bento boxes or paper bags closed with colorful stickers.
  • Find a fun setting, such as the playroom, a pop-up tent or even the bathtub!
  • Add a fun activity, such as a scavenger hunt, ring toss or minute-to-win-it games.

Breakfast/Brunch Picnic

  • Make it easy to roll out of bed by laying out a soft quilt and plenty of fluffy bedroom pillows.
  • It's not brunch without a special cocktail, such as a mimosa, bloody mary or Pimm's cup. Serve drinks in small “unspillable” mason jars with screw-top lids.
  • Breakfast or's hard to decide, so why should you have to? Stock your picnic basket with a Fluffy Quiche with Chicken and then add croissants, butter, cheeses, honey and fresh fruits.
  • Don't forget something sweet. An apple cheese danish or gooey cinnamon roll is the perfect ending to any picnic!

Camping Picnic

  • Want the camping experience without going outside? Pop up a collapsible tent and lay out sleeping bags as your blankets.
  • Set up your utensils and napkins in a wire picnic caddy.
  • Serve hot or cold drinks in individual insulated travel tumblers.
  • Make your menu campfire inspired. Try muffin tin Turkey Quinoa Meatloaf Bites, a corn chip bag filled with chili or Chicken Cordon Bleu Party Sandwiches.
  • It's not camping without s'mores! Smear graham crackers with chocolate hazelnut spread and marshmallow cream, then wrap in foil. It's all the goodness of a s'more without the campfire!

Movie Night Picnic

  • Set up a large room as a movie theater. Use a bedsheet for a movie screen and rent or buy an inexpensive home DVD projector—or even go online and find out how to use your mobile phone and a shoebox to make a no-cost homemade projector!
  • Run mini lights around the movie screen or along the floor...they don't interfere with the movie, and you can still see where you're going.
  • Turn your picnic basket into a “concession” stand. Serve flavored popcorn in paper bags or those cute striped popcorn cups. Make a special punch or cocktail and serve in a plastic cup with a lid and a straw. Make Chicken Tender PerduZas or Chicken Celebration Sliders and serve in paper trays.
  • Pick a movie everyone will love. Maybe it's a classic oldie or maybe just one that never gets old!
  • Don't forget to get the movie theater boxed candies or make desserts with a movie theme.

Date Night Picnic

  • Romance is the theme, so start off with an old-fashioned picnic basket, a soft blanket and plenty of pillows.
  • Use real plates and cutlery to make the occasion seem special. Don't forget the champagne and champagne glasses.
  • Choose a romantic menu. Finger foods such as Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Negimaki are super romantic, and chocolate-covered strawberries are always a hit.
  • Choose a romantic front of a fireplace or in place of the coffee table. Set the blanket with candles and flowers.
  • Don't forget the romantic music!

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