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Plan a Family Vacation Reveal Dinner

February 2017

Reveals are all the rage. Surprise your loved ones with clues to show where you’re going to vacay!

Trip to Hawaii

Themed Food

  • Make our Crispy Coconut Chicken recipe and reveal it from under a coconut shell
  • Serve Hawaiian-style fruit punch in a coconut shell cup
  • Serve pineapple juice in a hollowed-out pineapple with a straw and drink umbrella
  • Make a volcano cake
  • Decorate peanut-shaped peanut butter cookies like flip flops
  • Make "Ocean Water" with lemon-lime soda and blue food coloring, and drop in a Swedish Fish

Surprise Box

  • Fill the box with a toy airplane, macadamia nuts, leis and pineapple candies

Trip to a National Park / Camping

Themed Food

  • String Swedish Fish together on a string and tie to a pretzel log to create a fishing pole
  • Cut cheese sandwiches to look like squirrels, raccoons and deer
  • Float animal crackers in a bowl of mushroom soup
  • Make a banana s'mores canoe by slicing a banana down the middle to look like a canoe, fill the center with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. Then wrap in foil and bake or roast until the chocolate melts
  • Fill individual bags of corn chips with chili and cheese for campfire chili
  • Make campfire hot dogs on a stick wrapped in crescent dough, place on a plate and cover with small tents made out of craft paper, then lift the tent to reveal the hot dogs

Surprise Box

  • Fill a box with leaves, rocks, a bag of trail mix and a picture of the national park you're going to visit

Trip to a Water Park or Beach

Themed Food

  • Stack chicken nuggets to create a small tower, secure the nuggets with drink umbrellas, lean a celery stick filled with cream cheese dyed blue on the stack to resemble a waterslide, secure the celery to the plate with more blue-colored cream cheese and place a mini plastic doll in the celery as if he's sliding down into a sea of blue cream cheese!
  • Use doughnuts or bagels like inner tubes and sit mini plastic dolls in the doughnut hole to look like kids floating downstream
  • Fill small plastic sand buckets with ice cream and use the mini shovel as a spoon
  • Make blue Jell-O cups and decorate with drink umbrellas, gummy people and lifesavers for inner tubes
  • Make a sand cake and decorate with edible seashells

Surprise Box

  • Fill a box with sunglasses, sunscreen and a map of the water park you are visiting

Trip to a Ski Resort

Themed Food

  • Serve "snowball" coconut cupcakes and hot chocolate
  • Stack and decorate powdered sugar doughnut holes to look like a snowman, use pretzel sticks as arms and a chocolate kiss as a ski hat, and place snowman on chocolate planks like skis
  • Decorate a gingerbread house to look like a ski chalet

Surprise Box

  • Fill a box with a ski hat, gloves, hand warmers and a map of the ski resort you are visiting