Create a Fun Family Fondue Party

March 2017

Create a Fun Family Fondue Party

The seventies are back, baby! Here are some tips for how to enjoy the fondue revival.

Types of Fondue

  • Cheese fondue
    • It is traditionally made with Gruyère cheese and white wine, but go ahead and try incorporating your favorite cheeses!
    • Popular accompaniments are:
      • Crusty bread
      • Lightly blanched vegetables, such as broccoli or cauliflower
      • Raw vegetables, such as mushrooms, carrots, celery or peppers
      • Chunks of salami, ham or cooked chicken, such as PERDUE® Chicken Nuggets or PERDUE® SHORT CUTS®—try our Chicken and Cheese Fun Do for a casual, family-friendly meal
  • Meat fondue
    • Traditionally, use a pot of searing oil or simmering broth for cooking raw meats and dip small cubes of quick-cooking meats into the hot liquid and leave to cook to desired doneness
    • Popular meats for oil or broth fondue are:
      • Chicken – if you use fresh chicken, be sure to cook to 170°F, but you could also use the oil to heat a fully cooked product
      • Beef tenderloin
      • Shrimp
    • Serve with a variety of dips, sauces and condiments, such as:
      • Herb or garlic mayonnaise
      • Steak sauce
      • Horseradish sauce
      • Dijon mustard
      • Cornichon pickles
      • Cocktail sauce
  • Chocolate fondue
    • It is traditionally made with dark chocolate melted with heavy cream, but white and milk chocolate are terrific as well!
    • For the adult version, add a touch of cherry or orange liqueur
    • Add your own favorite accompaniments—a few classics are:
      • Fresh fruits, such as oranges, apples, grapes, strawberries and bananas
      • Marshmallows
      • Pound cake cubes
      • Cookies
      • Dried fruits, such as apricots or banana chips


  • Choose the right pot for your fondue
    • Ceramic pots are great for cheese or chocolate fondue—the low heat keeps your fondue warm without burning
    • Pots that use tea lights, gel packs or Sterno keep a low temperature that works better for cheese or chocolate fondue
    • Metal pots are best for meat fondues, because they hold heat better than ceramic pots
    • Use an electric pot for oil or broth fondue—it will keep your oil or broth at the higher, constant temperature that you need to cook meat evenly

Setting the Table

  • One fondue pot will comfortably serve 3–5 people—more than that will cause an overcrowding of forks in one pot
  • Try to give everyone two forks, one for eating and one for dipping—if you have fondue forks, one fondue fork and one dinner fork work well
  • Each person should have a small plate to eat from and rest his or her fork on

Drinks and Sides

  • A crisp salad or fresh vegetables are a nice accompaniment as a light, fresh side dish
  • Drinking water causes bread to swell, so try drinking wine or tea instead
  • Mint tea is a great ending to a cheese or chocolate fondue

Fondue Etiquette

  • Make sure everyone knows the proper fondue etiquette
    • Dip your bread into the melted cheese or chocolate and swirl in a figure-eight pattern to stir
    • Lift and hold for a moment to let the excess drip away
    • Use the dinner fork to slide your bread, fruit or meat from the fondue fork to your plate
    • Avoid double-dipping or eating directly from the fondue fork—that’s where two forks per person come in handy
    • Just for fun: anyone who loses a piece in the pot gives his or her next piece to the person sitting to the right!




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