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4 Tricks to Getting More Veggies in Your Kids’ Diets

April 2024

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nine out of ten kids don’t eat the recommended one to three cups of vegetables per day. But with some creative thinking and strategic shopping, you can make sure your kids are eating their veggies without the dinnertime power struggle.
Here are four ways to serve kids vegetables that are as fun as they are delicious:

Hide Veggies in Favorite Foods

PERDUE® CHICKEN PLUS® nuggets, tenders and tots combine the foods kids already love with ¼ cup of vegetables per serving. Try PERDUE® CHICKEN PLUS® Chicken Tenders for a crispy and convenient dinner, lunch or snack.

For the chicken nugget fanatic or budding paleontologist, try serving these PERDUE® CHICKEN PLUS® Dino Nuggets. They’re made with white meat chicken breast, chickpeas and cauliflower, and shaped into dinosaurs for a nutritious, kid-approved meal.

As a side dish or convenient snack, PERDUE® CHICKEN PLUS® Chicken Tots™ are an excellent way to add more veggies to kids’ diets. The product was even named a winner in the PEOPLE’S Food Awards 2022 as one of the Best Supermarket Products of the Year, taking the gold for best chicken product among testers.

Try Your Own Meat-and-Veggie Combos

Vegetables like carrots or zucchini can be grated into meat mixtures for a one-and-done nutritious dinner. Try making these delightful Apple Cheddar Meatloaf Bites with secret veggies inside.

Add Pureed Veggies to Sauces

You’ll feel better about letting the kids skip the veggie sides when you incorporate them into the rest of the meal in unexpected ways. Try adding a ½ cup of steamed and mashed cauliflower into creamy sauces like alfredo and serve with pasta dishes, like in this recipe for Chicken Shells with Alfredo Sauce.

Try Zoodles for a Fun Take on Pasta

If your kids are noodle-lovers, they may just like zoodles. Toss spiralized vegetables with regular noodles for a festive dish that you know contains the nutrition they need. Try this recipe for Zoodles with Pesto topped with Chicken Tenders.

Cooking for a family is challenging enough without worrying that the kids are eating their veggies. Try these tips and rest easy knowing your kids are getting the nutrition they need.