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4 Easy Cooking Lessons for Kids

March 2024

Getting your kids involved in the kitchen sets them up for success, and as parents, that’s all we want. Children who feel comfortable making meals in the kitchen from an early age will be much more likely to continue to cook and eat healthier food when they grow up. Use these easy cooking lessons to teach your kids some good habits and inspire their culinary creativity.

  1. Measuring: Hand out the cups and spoons and have the kids start measuring out ingredients. Since they're still learning, you should double check before you add their portions to your recipe. Try this tasty Chicken Chow Mein recipe to put their skills to the test.
  2. Dicing and mincing: Older kids and teens can move on to dicing and mincing. Be sure to supervise very carefully!
  3. Plating: Encourage your children to add an artistic touch to their meals. These plating techniques are fun and easy ways to get visual.
  4. Cleanup: This is the step that most people dread when it comes to the cooking process, but it’s where discipline is formed. And let's face it—it's always nice to get some extra help with doing the dishes.