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3 Food Activities for Kids

March 2024

Bento boxes are still cool, but some of those Insta-worthy boxes take a lot more skill and time than many of us have. Luckily, making a charcuterie board with your kids requires a lot less prep but can be just as fun. It's even easier with PERDUE® nuggets among the spread. Try it with PERDUE® Panko Breaded Dino Nuggets or PERDUE® SIMPLY SMART® Organics Whole Grain Chicken Breast Nuggets.

Chicken Nugget Lollipop Dippers

Give your kids the chance to sample different flavors while still having fun with their food. While we can't guarantee an easy cleanup (there might be some major finger-licking), we can help make prep time easier with PERDUE® SIMPLY SMART® Organics Whole Grain Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets and PERDUE® Panko Breaded Dino Nuggets.

Jurassic Pizza Bagels

Dinosaurs never go out of style, and neither do pizza bagels! Combine these two kid favorites for an easy win using PERDUE® CHICKEN PLUS Chicken Breast & Vegetable Dino Nuggets or PERDUE® Breaded Dinosaur Shapes Nuggets.