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Tips for Making a Care Meal

April 2024

Here are a few tips for showing just how much you care.

Be Classically Nourishing

  • Choose healthy, hearty dishes that are packed with maximum flavor and nutrition.
  • This is the time for familiar comfort food, not the time to try out that newest trendy recipe.
  • Keep in mind who will be eating your care meal. Children have a different palate than mom and dad or even grandma. Make sure you can satisfy everyone.
  • Check for food allergies to make sure everyone can enjoy your care meal.
  • Always ask whether there is something the recipient can’t eat. Sometimes diets change because of circumstances such as illness or nursing.

Make a Complete Meal

  • Make a complete meal with side dishes. Some great combinations could be:
  • Don’t forget dessert. A plate of cookies, a pan of brownies or even a homemade pie says you care about the details.
  • Make enough to have leftovers. It’s always nice to get a few meals out of a care package.
  • Throw in a couple of quick grab-and-go snacks that the recipient can eat right away. This is a big help if someone is sitting up with a newborn at midnight or needs a quick boost to get through the day.

Think Outside the Dinner Box

  • You don’t care just at dinnertime! Breakfast and lunch meals are appreciated just as much.
  • A great way to start the day is a breakfast care package. Great combinations could be:
  • Lunch is another great care meal option to try:

No Cleanup Says You Care

  • The goal is to make your care meal easy, so try to bring as much of your meal as you can in disposable containers.
  • Casseroles travel well in aluminum pans and make for easy reheating of all those leftovers.
  • Plastic utensils and paper plates make for no-wash dining.
  • Package snacks in paper or plastic bags and tie with string or ribbon for a decorative touch.
  • Pack all of your goodies in a decorative basket or box. The recipient can use the basket again or toss the box after unpacking.
  • Finish the total package with a thoughtful keepsake, such as a card, flowers, a bottle of wine, a DVD or maybe just a square of bubble wrap to pop for stress relief!