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5 Party Apps You Need in Your Life

December 2016

Chicken Tender Perduzas

Chicken Tender Perduzas:
The joys of pizza, minus extra carbs. Make it gluten-free for your celiac-sensitive friends.

Glazed Party Meatballs

Glazed Party Meatballs:
Flavorful chicken meatballs with fewer than 200 calories per serving. Yum!

Bite-Sized Buffalo Chicken Mac n' Cheese

Bite-Sized Buffalo Chicken Mac n' Cheese:
Sometimes you have to give in to your buffalo chicken mac n' cheese cravings. Bite-sized portions are key.

Southwestern Yogurt Dip

Southwestern Yogurt Dip:
Greek yogurt is a go-to swap for less fat and more flavor.

Grilled Chicken Quinoa Lettuce Cups

Grilled Chicken Quinoa Lettuce Cups:
We even feel good about saying the recipe name.