Lancaster Country Casserole

Lancaster Country Casserole Recipe

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Prep/Cook Time: 45 Minutes
Servings: 4
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1 1/2 cups
4 ounces uncooked wide egg noodles (2 to 3 cups cooked)
1 can cream of mushroom with roasted garlic soup (10.75 ounces) (Alternate: cream of roasted chicken with savory herbs soup)
1 cup frozen peas and carrots
1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese, divided
Salt and ground pepper to taste
1/4 cup plain bread crumbs
1 tablespoon butter, cut into pieces

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. Cook noodles following package directions; drain.
  3. Grease shallow 9-inch square baking dish. Stir in soup and 1/2 soup can water. Add noodles, chicken, peas and carrots and 1/2 cup Cheddar. Season with salt and pepper and toss to combine.
  4. Top with bread crumbs and remaining 1/2 cup cheese. Dot with butter. Cover and bake 20 minutes; uncover and bake 10 to 15 minutes longer or until hot and bubbly.

  • Serving Size

  • Servings Per Recipe 4

  • Amount Per Serving (* % of Daily Value)

  • Calories 680

  • Total Fat 37g (0%)

  • Saturated Fat 14.1g (0%)

  • Trans Fat 0g

  • Cholesterol 204mg (0%)

  • Sodium 1365mg (0%)

  • Total Carbohydrate 46g (0%)

  • Dietary Fiber 4g

  • Sugars g

  • Protein 42g

  • Vitamin A %

  • Vitamin C %

  • Calcium %

  • Iron %

  • * Percent of Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

    ** This is a representation of the nutrition label. The actual nutrition label may vary slightly.

Francesca - Leominster, MA 2/15/2011 9:24:42 AM
Great basic recipe my husband and I loved. I cooked the chicken in some vegetable stock beforehand and used seasoned bread crumbs, and a sharp white Cheddar.
Kris - Marietta, GA 10/4/2008 12:14:10 PM
I have made this recipe many times - it's wonderful. I've also given it to friends who have also enjoyed it. I do change mine up a bit and use italian flavored cheeses as well as italian bread crumbs. I typicall omit the peas and carrots too. Made it again last night for the first time in months and I was reminded it is one of my favorite casseroles.
Wendy - Cresskill, NJ 2/7/2008 9:32:39 AM
This is a great recipe to play around with. I've substituted the chicken with ground turkey sausage or ham, and different combinations of frozen vegetables (like mixed vegetables or cut green beans) and have ommited bread crumbs with the cheese when I ran out. It always comes out delicious. I add more noodles (I use a 12 oz bag) and another can of soup (I've even mixed the Cream of Chicken and mushroom together) to make a bigger dish then freeze leftovers for a quick and easy future meal!
Mariette Pearson - Fall River, MA 3/19/2007 4:19:42 PM
This meal is keeper, tasty and filling..Worth making again.

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