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At the Grocery Store

Safe Shopping Tips

Safe shopping is the basis of any good meal, so take a look at the tips below before you make your next purchase.

  • Buy from a store you trust. Responsible markets keep their stores and products fresh and clean, and the temperature in their refrigeration cases is carefully monitored.

  • Rely on trusted brands. Make sure you choose a brand you know will be fresh, clean and flavorful. Perdue is setting the bar in freshness, taste and food safety.

  • If buying fresh poultry, make sure the package is clean, cold, sealed tight without rips or leaks, sold from a refrigerated poultry case and within the proper date.

  • If buying frozen poultry, make sure it is also clean, packaged well and rock-solid to the touch.

  • Pick up fresh or frozen poultry toward the end of the shopping trip, so it stays cold for as long as possible.

  • Bag poultry products separately from unwrapped foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Refrigerate as soon as possible, or within half an hour of buying.

Understanding the Sell-by date

Do not purchase or prepare our products past their sell-by date. We mark this date on packages at our facilities for your safety. If you need further help, consult the following chart:

  If Purchased BEFORE the Sell-by Date If Purchased
ON the
Sell-by Date
PERDUE® Fresh, Uncooked Products Use or freeze the product within two days. This is the last day on which you should purchase and prepare or freeze the product. DO NOT PURCHASE AFTER THE SELL-BY DATE.

Understanding the Use-by date

The use-by date is the last date you should purchase and serve a PERDUE® product. On PERDUE® Individually Frozen chicken, the use-by date indicates the last date the product should be taken from the freezer and cooked.

  If Purchased BEFORE Use-by Date If Purchased ON
Use-by Date
PERDUE® Fully Cooked products Store at 36° F or below, in refrigerator, unopened until use-by date. This is the last day you should purchase and freeze or serve. DO NOT PURCHASE AFTER THE USE-BY DATE.
PERDUE® Individually frozen chicken Store in freezer or prepare up to the use-by date. This is the last day products should be taken from the freezer and cooked. DO NOT PURCHASE AFTER THE USE-BY DATE.

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